Wading Through the Waste

by Rusty Things

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Written by Rusty Things
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ted Freeman


released January 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Rusty Things New Haven, Connecticut

Rusty Things is a spicy, eclectic gumbo of all things folk, swing, punk, and good ol' rock n roll from the Valley/New Haven area of CT. With a full-length album in 2013, an EP in 2014, and a soon-to-be-released EP and acoustic release in 2015, Don't miss their intense, energetic live performance that douses the audience with passion and good times. ... more

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Track Name: Gravity or Wings
I don't presume to know what happened all those years ago I barely know what's happened for the past few years of my own
I guess it's just another lesson learned or just another book you've heard of just to feel like we are not alone

And then I ask myself why everyone of us should die is it a plan or is it just the way of life well I guess that I won't ever know or maybe I'm not meant to know til my time comes at last

And so we'll wait for the weekend we'll wait for the seasons to change watching trees changing colors while the end doesn't seem so very far away tonight and we'll
Wait for the sunrise and wait for th high tide to carry us out to sea where maybe wings might lift us up or gravity might make it sink

I don't stand for anyone except me and the ones I love the rest of everything's up in the air I've had a hard enough time reading the back of my own mind never mind anybody else's out there
Track Name: Bliss
Our ears our ringing with a sound so curious resonates reason in our brains a taste of treason flowing through our veins we're singing our voices furious fueled by the fire in our hearts but ruled by salaries and shopping carts we say this for those oblivious went tides rise higher than before and when the suns aren't shining anymore betray this sense of remorse for us we never felt quit like this since ignorance is bliss we'll think this isn't real

We weren't ready for this existence or its consequences this world's a twisted place within us We bite more than we can chew indulgences instead of values have become what we wanted we wanted everything

The names of angels held less notorious than names of evil men at best in mobs in gangs who slay the innocent our children shall hold them glorious and don their faces on their walls and find them places on their pedestals a future far from victorious is likely what we're headed for unless we learned to live for something more the answer so much more obvious than why the moth flies to the flame and why we're dancing while we're lame and falling over
Track Name: Grubbin'
The sky turns a darkened grey the air gets cold the clouds are rollin' question now whether we will leave or stay
The ice falls the thunder's callin' gusts ablowin' to blow us all away
Birds fly away and high and mice hide underground inside grubs are grubbin' down and down they go
Well the earth breaks the mountains shake cuz somethin' bad's been abrewin' down below

While the sound of the wind and rain rattlin' against your window pane keepin' you wide awake and never gonna let you rest
Stand up for what we must this storm's gonna have to wait out us

Light breaks a blackened waste all and over this disgrace what a way to start over again
Well if time's up no matter what we're all gonna watch and wait until the end
Track Name: Brass City Business
In a town founded on its industry the golden years have rusted the scum fills the streets your enemies are closer than your friends there the neighborhood once again
If you've got the means of transportation and you've got the pence just honk your horn outside your door they're sure to have your fix if you want it home grown or glass blown or cooked by a 12 year old I know it's surely on their list

Tomorrow another mother's sun won't be coming home she's all on her own but the business is booming who cares what they're using for as they crawl back for more

The town hounds go at it in the ring you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy these streets are filled with rocks and pills enough for anyone's sick fill the right price for a good high is always worth a kill
Track Name: Rusty Strings
The holy ghost of an unknown vagabond cold and saddened from his own day goes town to town singing his song all around no one'll listen now so they say

The rest of the world's ears bleed from electric drums
And their eyes go blind from the shine of the riches worn by all the famous ones

The old time soul of an unknown vagabond won't abandon a sound so pure the times have changed pretty faces all the rage we'll still find a way back for sure while the rest of the world's ears bleed from bleed from electric drums
And their eyes go blind from the shine of the riches worn by all the famous ones
Stick around for a sound so true to sing out loud as we callus every finger down to the bone with rusty strings